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ACS Ninja Parties - the happy meal alternative

ACS Ninja Birthday Parties - Has the thought of letting a wild, screaming, jumping, falling, drink and food spilling bunch of kids loose in your house for a birthday party sent those treasured family heirlooms and Wedgewood china scurrying for cover? Perhaps the thought of all those screaming kids has lost it's appeal as they've grown, big, bigger, you know, ornament shattering big?

We know what you mean, honestly we do, but we can help. Here at ACS MAGFA we have the perfect venue to host your kid's birthday party and what's more, we can give it a Ninja theme which all kids love.

So what is an ACS Ninja party?
A very good question, but as the way of the Ninja is steeped in mystery and murky legend I couldn't possibly tell you, not without first making you swear an oath that you will not reveal the secrets of the Ninja.

But we can tell you what a ACS Ninja Parties aren't. They aren't about leaping into ball pools (have to admit we do like ball pools) climbing ropes or steel frames and although Ninja's do climb, trees, walls and have been known to skip along the odd rooftop or two, health and safety wouldn't approve, so we have to limit our activities to ground based fun and entertainment like:

  • Ninja sword stealth
  • Sensei says
  • Commando punch
  • Musical Ninja
  • Sumo squeal
  • Hide and speak
  • Hunt the Ninja

Plus we supply a complete ninja outfir for the the birthday boy or girl and every guest gets a certificate.

"Ninja parties is a fantastic birthday choice for young children. After speaking with Kiran initially, the outlining plan of the party, and details were clear and concise, and Kiran was always warm, friendly and prompt in response to any additional queries or amendments raised. This really helped take the stress out of organising, and gave sound mind that things were going to be well managed.

When it came to the day of the party Kiran was excellent in setting up the food station and arranging all of the behind the scenes necessities which left me free as a parent to greet guests and interact with my daughter which took away any stress or hassle involved. David is a brilliant instructor, and the kids are are able to burn off lots of energy in a fun, loud and animated environment while practically learning and staying engaged. Both have the patience of saints!"
Ed Stones

Although we have run parties at venues hired out for your birthday of choice, we prefer to run them at our own venue where we house our equipment and have 'safety flooring.'

If you'd like to know more about ACS Ninja Parties, then please contact us and remember it's a secret so don't tell anyone, except your guests.

For more information or make enquires see ourand Contact pages.